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I thought I'd update this, seeing as no one else will! *looks at fr0glet*
We've had some pretty nice storms over the last few weeks. Nothing really big, except for about 3 weeks ago, when we had severe thunderstorms. They were great!

We had a thunderstorm earlier tonight, and they have a severe weather warning issued for tomorrow. It's going to slowly get worse over night, then by about 8:00am tomorrow morning we should have winds up to 100km/hr, with thunderstorms and hail throughout the day. Then from about 5:00pm-8:00pm, they are forecasting the winds to pick up to around 100km/hr again. Should be great! I can't wait! :P

Also, something that's quite weird, is we have had quite a few incidents with tornados lately. Over the last 2 months Perth has had at least 3 occasions involving tornados. Now, they're nothing like they get in America, but more like their little ones (F1 or whatever it is). About a month ago, we had a very stormy few days, and over 1 night we had at least 30 tornados ranging from Perth to Bunbury! That's outrageous! They absolutely belted a suburb south of Perth, and also Bunbury was pretty badly damaged. Definitely scenes you would see in movies, not here in WA!
I'm blaming global warming. It's screwing with our weather patterns! It's not just Perth that's had unusual weather, The whole eastern coast has too! It's madness!

Anyway. Here's some photos from the night we had severe thunderstorms.

These ones were taken out the front of my house..

And these ones were taken at the beach..

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