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We got excellent thunderstorms on Saturday night! They were going OFF! They were around us at about 8pm, but we didn't go anywhere to see them, and they eventually moved south. Then I went outside again at 10pm, and they were back down at the beach. So Dan and I grabbed the camera and went to the beach. Sat there for about 20 minutes, the lightning was huge! Then it started raining, so we jumped in the car and drove about 5 mins to Seascapes and sat up on the hill at the beach in the car while it absolutely pissed down! The storm was getting bigger and bigger, and the lightning was bloody close, too. Was awesome watching the forks of lightning touch the ground somewhere in Mandurah. We drove to another beach carpark, and it started hailing a bit, while still belting down with rain. Then after that, it settled down for about 10 minutes, so we went back to Seascapes and took some photos of the lightning off the coast. Then it started building up again. It seemed that every time it settled down, it just built up again 10 minutes later.
So we headed home. When we got here, we started looking at the photos of the lightning on the computer. My brother was on his computer, which is right next to the back door, so he could see outside. Anyway.. he let out this almighty "WOAH!", and as he said that, there was this DEAFENING *BOOOOOOOOOOOM*. It scared the absolute fuck out of us all, coz none of us saw the lightning except Aaron coz we had our backs to the door. I walked outside and pissed myself laughing, coz all the birds from the river were up and out of there because of the thunder! HAHAHH. All you could hear were heaps of birds squealing as they flew away.
So the storm had built up again and was on top of us. Few more big booms before it moved south. Then it just sat south of us for hours! I sat on mum and dad's bed in their bedroom, and looked out their big window, which faces south.. so I had a perfect view of it all :D

Excellent night indeed! Then I wake up this morning, and the sky's all clear and it's bloody hot! What's with THAT!

We didn't get many photos because it rained, but the ones we did get were a bit blurry because Dan didn't have his camera set up properly. But I'll put some up anyway.

This first one is pretty blurry, I just think the lightning is funky.

This one is cool. Look at how lit up the beach is! IT WAS 10PM AT NIGHT!

Another one of the beach. You can hardly see the water now, the rain was coming!

These ones out here were always going off at the same time.

And again..

Niiiiice... big boom! Look at the clouds.. freaky!

Lots of forks at once! Pity they were so far away.

Some more forks..

Yay for lovely lightning!
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